Is That Lint Down There? Firebrand’s Superbowl Shuffle

By SuperSpy 

Advertising show Firebrand who is pushing the “The Road To Firebrand Monday,” a week long celebration of Super Bowl ads from the past. It’s started yesterday. On February 4th, now known as “Firebrand Monday,” viewers will be able to watch this year’s spots from the big game. We’ve caught Firebrand on the ION Network, which beams into 95 million homes. The ION Network has an interesting history, which includes almost being dropped by DirectTV for serving up to many infomercials and is lacking affiliates in many hotspots of population including Charlotte, NC; Pittsburgh, PA; and St. Louis, MO.

AdRants is predicting that Firebrand won’t be around for longer than 18 months, as it’s really just the industry doing some navel gazing.

We can’t stand Firebrand, but who are we to judge? Unbiased, we are not. We do not want to watch spots in our spare time. However, one of the boys upstairs loves it. He loves ads. He calls them mini-movies. Yes, there are people out there who just love what you CDs do.