Is Sarah Palin Moonlighting for Dell/Enfatico?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Blog-friend and all around sauce factory writer George Parker made a correlation to what could be Enfatico’s latest Dell work and Republican veep Sarah Palin.

Over on AdScam, Parker notes the physical resemblance between the model in the above ad and Mrs. Palin. And though we do think they look alike, the ad itself has stark similarities to the Alaska governor’s candidacy.


Be sure to check out the comments on AdScam. They’re sure to entertain.

OK so we started this post hours ago, and after spending the evening apartment searching in the village have decided not to complete the super long list of reasons why this Enfatico ad reminds us of Sarah Palin. Parker was right, the two look a lot alike. We’re sorry for pretending we had some witty remarks to take this story one step further.

Ugh. Must move out of Harlem ASAP. It will always have a place in this writer’s heart, but when a little old lady got shot while crossing the street right in front of my apartment (on a Sunday afternoon, no less) I decided to call it quits up here. Moving immediately!