IPG-owned Geomentum to Take Direct Marketing Too Seriously

By Kiran Aditham 

IPG media buying/planning division Mediabrands is unveiling a new unit dubbed Geomentum, whose main goal it is to figure out how to divvy up approximately $2 billion worth of local advertising among 40,000 zip codes, then city blocks, then specific addresses, and soon enough, YOU.

The New York Times reports that Coldwell Banker and Nestle Waters are amongst those clients that Geomentum could help in local infiltration with crafty methods like analyzing loyalty card data, purchase behavior and shopper surveys in whichever ZIP or even relying on weather forecasts from Al Roker.


Dave Walker, Geomentum’s CEO/overlord tells the Times, “There is clearly enough data from a media perspective, from an opt-in perspective, from a loyalty program perspective, that is readily shared on the part of consumers with marketers, that we are now more prepared to take advantage of.”

The NYT offers this, um, novel example on the gist of Geomentum:

“A company selling drugstore makeup for Asian women ought to advertise in neighborhoods where lots of Asian women live, and not bother pitching its products in neighborhoods heavy on white men. Once Geomentum narrowed down where Asian women lived, it would then analyze how a billboard in the neighborhood performed, versus a newspaper ad, versus a dollar-off coupon, by writing a long equation that linked store traffic and local product sales with all those variables.”

Get the rations ready, the quantocracy may be approaching faster than we think.



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