Introducing the Sweaty, Crowdsourced Summer Jam of 2011

By Bob Marshall 

Is this the longest winter ever? I woke up this morning to snow on the ground. It’s the middle of April. What the hell?

Inspired by the endless winter of 2010-2011, a group of Minneapolis creatives have banded together to compose “Sweat Up in My Creases,” a song about some guy in a Twins hat who’s sweating a lot. Remember what sweating feels like, residents of the northern half of the United States? Well, a long list of rapping lyricists do, as the lyrics to this fly jam were compiled by contributors to a Facebook group created by Mono creative director Paula Maki Biondich and Rumble LLC creative director Rick Meyer. After combining the flyest rhymes on Facebook, “Sweat Up in My Creases” was born, featuring such Pulitzer-worthy one-liners as “Shoppin’ all day, should of wiped better/ Walkin’ all squishy, t.p.’s vendetta” and “The more I move the, more I excrete/ Pits soaked, wet socks on feet.”

We’ve seen some decidedly different videos that capture the Twin Cities’ rap scene in the past. Move over Atmosphere, crack those windows of your VW Passat and give mad respect to the various composers of “Sweat up in my Creases.” Credits after the jump.

Video Credits:
Directed by Paula Maki Biondich
Cinematography by Ryan Taylor and Paula Maki Biondich
Edited by JoLynn Garnes
Title Graphics by Nathan Hinz
Title Animation by Ben Leisen (Drive Thru)

Song Credits:
Music Composition by Rick Meyer & Jerome Rankine (Rumble Music)
Performed by Rick Meyer, Jerome Rankine, Tommy Barbarella & Andra Suchy

Lyrics by:
Paula Maki Biondich
Rick Meyer
Kurt Casey Warner
Ed Mathie
Stacy Berndt
Megan Auld-Wright
Michael Waite
Casey Brewer
Jimmy Makris
Jeff Berg
Jeff Shuller
Don Smithmier
Stephanie Wilbur Ash
Paul Henry
Andra Suchy