Introducing a New Way to Spy on Other Agencies’ Holiday Parties

By Bob Marshall 

Due to a shoddy economy, the extravagant holiday party is no longer a staple in many industries. But, it remains an important part of the advertising calendar. Agency one-upmanship tends to carry over from the office to the office party, where “classy” gives way to “fun” before it gives way to “debauchery.” Sure, those bastards across the street might have beaten you on that pitch. And, yeah, maybe they do have more attractive employees and nicer couches than your agency. But, did they get as tanked as your CCO did at the holiday party? Well, now you have proof.

From DraftFCB SF comes “Agency Peephole,” a kind of creepy new site that is agencies a inside look at competitors’ holiday parties. As DraftFCB puts it in the announce, “Why party alone when we can party together?” Agencies wishing to participate can do so by following a simply 3-step process:


1. Get Instragram  (only available for iPhone until next year).

2. Shoot “bad ass” party photos.

3. Tag your photos with the hashtag #agencypeephole in the comments section.

Already had your holiday party? No worries, as you can still upload a photo album to Agency Peephole’s site. Thus far, eight agencies are participating, and we expect to see a lot more join by the end of the week. So, get ready to celebrate with (or against) other agencies around the world, and, as always, party on.