Intel’s ‘The Chase’ Integrated into Facebook

By Bob Marshall 

Back in January, when Osama Bin Laden remained at large and Packers had not yet won the Super Bowl, we posted a video from Intel called “The Chase,” which advertised the new Intel Core i5 processor. At two minutes long, “The Chase” did that whole movie in computer windows and different online mediums, similar to the Arcade Fire’s interactive music video for “The Suburbs.”

This time around, “The Chase” (which garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube) is being integrated into Facebook complete with a new game, character profiles and all sort of extra downloadable goodies. Unfortunately (as I learned attempting to run the programs on a MacBook Air), you pretty much need to own a computer with an Intel Core i5, unless you’d like “The Chase” to slow your computer to a slow crawl. With the help of a MacBook Pro (which utilizes an Intel Core i5 processor), I was able to make the Facebook page work. The page also requires an HTML 5 web browser (Chrome, IE9, Safari 5 or Firefox 4) to function. If you think about it, Intel and agency Venables Bell & Partners are really targeting techno-geeks by creating a barrier to entry of sorts for its Facebook page. And, hey, at half a million “Likes,” they must be doing something right. And, on social media, isn’t a “spy story” kind of the go-to genre these days? Credits,  and that original viral video, after the jump.


Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Executive Creative Director: Paul Venables and Will McGinness

Associate Creative Director: Paul Foulkes and Tyler Hampton

Interactive Creative Director: David Kim

Art Director: Beau Hanson

Copywriter: Josh Parshauer

Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen

Agency Producer: John Eagan

Integrated Producer: Kacey Hart

Production Company: Nexus Interactive Arts

NIA Directors: Smith & Foulkes / El Mysterioso

NIA Producer: Tim Dillon

NIA Creative Director: Chris O’Reilly

NIA Executive Producer: Cedric Gairard

NIA Production Manager: Alistair Pratten

Sound & Music: Human

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Technical Consultant: Rally Interactive