Intel’s Latest ‘Visibly Smart’ Film Explores Indonesia

By Bob Marshall 

For thousands of years, a type of fabric known as batik has been prevalent in garments throughout the eastern hemisphere, from parts of Africa all the way to China. So, what could a type of fabric that uses wax-resistant hand-dyeing technique possibly have to do with Intel’s line of high-speed computer processors? Well, as this third film in Intel’s and agency Amsterdam Worldwide’s “Visibly Smart” series (view another one here) demonstrates, batik and Intel go hand in hand.

Not wanting her home country of Indonesia to lose its traditions or forget its heritage, batik designer Nancy Margried is using fractal formulas to create computer-generated fabric patterns, which has streamlined the process while holding true to its hand-dyeing techniques. As Margried says of batik, “With our work, we hope to inspire future generations to strive and work to promote this tradition of Indonesian culture with the use of technology.”

It’s amazing that a tech company like Intel is somehow able to successfully emphasize a “human” element in its marketing, from the “Museum of Me” Facebook app (done with agency Projector Inc.) to the “social thriller” film Inside (done with agency Periera & O’Dell) to these “Visibly Smart” films. Considering that Intel holds four spots on a recent list calculating the most “engaging” Facebook status updates ever, there’s a lot that can be learned from the company’s brand and marketing managers. Sometimes, it’s all about picking the right agency for whatever job you need done, and trusting in that agency to deliver creative work like the film above. Credits after the jump.

Client Intel
Client Contact Name and Job Title (1) Johan Jervoe, VP of Sales and Marketing Group
Client Contact Name and Job Title (2) Johan Koning, Marketing Manager
Creative Agency Amsterdam Worldwide
Creative Agency Address Keizersgracht 121, 1015 CJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creatives Richard Gorodecky – Executive Creative Director
Joseph Ernst- Creative Director
Martin Beswick – Senior Copywriter
Daniel Peiron – Art Director
Karen Cardy – Copywriter
Producer Jordan Kelly
Jan-Peter Wiersma
Account Team Megan Wooding
Desislava Staykova
Production Company
Production Company Address Level 2, 85 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Executive Producer Holly Alexander
Producer Helen Morahan
Production Supervisor Azren Irwan
Director Hannah Hilliard
Director of Photography Chris Miles
Composer Rosie Chase
Post-Production Heckler, Australia