Intel, Toshiba, Pereira & O’Dell Make Alien Movie to Sell Computer Processors

By Bob Marshall 

About a year ago, Intel and Toshiba partnered together with the help of Pereira & O’Dell to create “The Beauty Inside,” a so-called “social movie” that paired not-quite-movie stars Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as two young actors who can’t believe that this is where their careers have taken them thus far. The big budget online film was apparently effective enough at whatever it was trying to do to spawn a spiritual sequel, “The Power Inside,” starring Harvey Keitel as a guy you kind of feel sorry for until you you consider that he’s still finding work at his age.

As a press release tells us, the heavily product integrated plot will consist of “An alien invasion by a race of extraterrestrial moustaches and unibrows who take over the upper lips and eyes of people around the world. The main character is Neil, who together with his friends and the help of technology discovers his inner strength to defeat the moustache and unibrow invaders called Uricks. Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ devices by Toshiba play an important role in Neil’s journey of self-discovery.” We assume “inner strength” and “Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ devices by Toshiba” are pretty interchangeable in this scenario.


Similar to its predecessor, computer processor fans every can be part of the film by interacting with the protagonist via Facebook. Users can also upload a photo of themselves, edit that photo with a moustache and unibrow, and reach self-actualization after the process is completed. Credits after the jump.

Lead Agency: Pereira & O’Dell

PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer

Jaime Robinson, Executive Creative Director

Jason Apaliski, Creative Director

Ross Cavin, Copywriter

Neil Ramanan, Copywriter

Chris Adams, Art Director

Brett Beaty, Art Director

Jeff Ferro, VP of Production

Bill Spangler, Film Producer

Kelsie Van Deman , Senior Integrated Producer

Gary Theut, VP of Client Services

Henry Arlander, Account Director

Lisl Schilperoort – Account Executive

Nick Chapman, VP of Strategy

Justin Cox, Strategy Director

Josh Brandau, VP of Media

Andrew Matthews, Media Strategist

Pete Fishman, Media Strategist


Production Company: Furlined | Love Child

Director: Will Speck and Josh Gordon

Executive Producer: Diane McArter

Executive Producer: David Thorne

Producer: Jan Wieringa

Writer: Matt Robinson

DP: Jo Willems


VFX/Online: Zoic

Executive Producer: Cally Morton

Creative Director: Rob Moggach

VFX Producer: Matt Olmon


Graphics: Laundry

Music: Elias Arts

Sound Designer: Peter Rincon