Intel Tech Makes Wedding Photography More Interesting Than You’d Think

By Kiran Aditham 

Just months after Amsterdam Worldwide brought us the adventures of “The Sartorialist,” a seven-minute film that helped inaugurate the “Visual Life” blogger profile series for Intel, the agency returns with the next installment, “Kitty and Lala.” This latest short film follows the aforementioned pair, who are Chinese wedding photographers and as you’ll see, aren’t your standard hired guns trying to capture moments of wedded bliss.

Aided by a bouncy, playful electro-IDM tune and vivid imagery of Beijing landscapes and street scenes, the film manages to depict two entrepreneurial artists at work without overdoing it with the Intel branding/Core Processor promotion. Though the technology did seem to work wonders for Kitty and Lala. We’ve been told several new Visual Life films are in development. Credits after the jump.


Richard Gorodecky – Executive
Creative Director
Martin Beswick – Senior Copywriter
Daniel Peiron – Art Director
Gillian Glendinning – Senior
Karen Cardy – Copywriter
Producers: Jordan Kelly
Annabel van Ditmar

General Production Company Sun Her Village Media
Executive Producers (General): Wen Ni
Shuping Qiu

Shoot Production Company The Bag Ladies
Shoot Production Company Address Zhongguo Fuzhuang Huiguan
Executive Producer (Shoot) Kelvin Mak
Line Producer – Jane Zheng
Director: Qiao Li
Composer: Julian Langdon
Director of Photography: Julien Deldyck
Post-Production Offline Editing – The Bag Ladies
Online & Flame – Vision Unit, Beijing
Audio Post-Production Keith Thomas / Alchemy Post,