Intel Explores Indonesian Hip-Hop

By Bob Marshall 

Last month, Intel and agency Amsterdam Worldwide released a short film that focused on Indonesian garment making practices. Part of Intel’s “Visibly Smart” campaign, the film followed a fashion designer who demonstrated how she uses ancient batik-dying techniques and computer-generated patterns to put a new twist on traditional clothing.

Remaining in Indonesia, a new spot switches the focus from fashion to the country’s emerging young music scene. For some historical context, media and the arts in Indonesia was strictly monitored until about a decade ago when President Suharto’s authoritarian military-centric government crumbled amidst widespread rioting and civil unrest. As Western culture permeates throughout the Far East, countries like Indonesia find ways to infuse it with their own culture, which results in something like Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation, the stars of this short film.


Finding inspiration from Indonesia’s rich tradition of shadow-puppetry and “gamelan” musical ensembles, the members of Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation find an outlet for speaking about their lives and the dramatic changes going on in their country. And, of course, they put hip-hop beats over gamelan music using personal computers with Intel processors. Again, stellar direction from Amsterdam Worldwide and prodco Radical Media make for a compelling look at a country in transition. It’s as educational as it is entertaining, and it really makes the viewer consider how something as bland as a computer chip can be responsible for changing lives. Credits after the jump.

Richard Gorodecky – Executive Creative Director
Joseph Ernst – Creative Director
Martin Beswick – Senior Copywriter
Daniel Peiron – Art Director
Karen Hardy – Copywriter
Producer Jordan Kelly
Jan-Peter Wiersma
Lars Fabery de Jonge
Account Team Megan Wooding
Desislava Staykova
Production Company
Executive Producer Holly Alexander
Producer Helen Morahan
Production Supervisor Azren Irwan
Director Hannah Hilliard
Director of Photography Chris Miles
Post-Production Heckler, Australia