Inside R/GA: The Pics

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week when we sneaked into R/GA here in Manhattan, we managed to snap a few pics, discreetly. OK well, maybe we asked permission first, since we’d like to be asked back for a shoot or something…hint. Anywho, click continued to see the photos! Check out that front gate &#151 the shop is a veritable Ft. Knox, with no fewer than three locked doors to get through before you’re “inside”.

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In the lobby, there are many awards. And like so many 12-year-olds’ bedrooms, these will collect dust until well after anyone remembers what they’re for.

Ah, the modesty!

The digital studio, newly refurbished, is readily available for your Friday afternoon post-happy hour sexual exploits. Sex in here could not possibly look as bad as…that other sex tape we’ve seen.

Studio Director Vin Farrell explains with glee why he loves his job: this space is part of it.

The entire agency works under low-lighting, a stark contrast from many offices that thrive on sterile halogen illumination. We prefer the dungeon feel R/GA’s got going on.

And one final shot of the Spyder, which we’d like to drive some time. We can be reached at