In Your Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s that time again to take a look outside our AgencySpy microcosm and see what else has been brewing in the adversphere. Mature ladies, revolutionaries and Dianetics followers all get their late evening nods from across the web.

-Digital production shop B-Reel has joined forces with St. Paul Film to launch its commercial production division creatively titled B-Reel Films. link

-Jalopnik has unveiled its gallery of the “Seven Sexiest Auto Sportscougars”. Why purr when you can roar? link

-Thetans unite! The Church of Scientology is turning to the telly to recruit new members with a 30-second spot now airing on CNN. Don’t tell me they got Blitzer! link

-Speaking of Scientology…Anonymous, the group whose goal it is to bring down the house that Hubbard built, has teamed with Swedish torrent mavens Pirate Bay to launch the site Anonymous Iran. True to form, the law-baiting alliance’s intention is to provide tips on navigating online and uploading files through Iranian firewall, locate activist Tweeters and combat pro-government websites. Let the revolution begin. link

-W+K London’s hiring methods raise some eyebrows. link

-Staples turns to Facebook to launch an application where kids can fill a virtual backpack with supplies, buy them at the store and then donate them to poverty-stricken fellow students. “Easy” button not required. link