In The Raw, Mother NY Provide Recipes for Life’s Little Tragedies

By Bob Marshall 

Before we get any further, no, I don’t know if sugar “in the raw” is in any way healthier or better than the stuff you sprinkle in your coffee at Starbucks every morning. Really, if I had to guess, I’d assume it’s sort of like natural tobacco cigarettes versus Marlboro Reds. Yeah, it’ll still kill you in large quantities, it probably isn’t ingested as easily, but you buy it because you don’t like the idea of weird, synthetic chemicals being part of your regular diet.

Designing a campaign for a company like In the Raw must be pretty difficult. I mean, what is there to say about sugar and sweetener that hasn’t already been said? What is there to be said about your product that isn’t already in your brand name? Well, Mother found a way to take a new approach with their “It’s Only Natural Campaign,” which according to CDs Bobby Hershfield and Michael Ian Kaye incorporate “human truths and how the product and food in general play a role in daily situations.”

Yeah, it’s an awful lot of copy for one page, but ad placement in women’s fitness, entertainment and lifestyle publications should keep consumers reading, if at least for the fully functioning recipies. If you spouse leaves you, you’re baking something for a loved one, or you’re just trying to save money for one day to see how it feels, sugar and stevia extract “in the raw” will have you covered.

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Project Name: In The Raw Campaign
Agency: Mother
Client: Cumberland Packing Corp.
Executive Creative Director(s): Paul Malmstrom & Linus Karlsson
Creative Director(s): Michael Ian Kaye, Bobby Hershfield
Art Director (s): April Mathis, Mark Aver
Copywriter (s): Jordan Chouteau
Designer: April Mathis
Mother: Alex Stankiewicz
Producer (creative): Amita Sehgal
Retouching: Tag Worldwide

Food Stylist:

Prop Stylist:

Nigel Cox

Jamie Kimm

Tiziana Agnello