In Case You Weren’t Sure, Here’s a Handy Agency ‘Pronunciation’ Guide (Update, with Clarification)

By Kiran Aditham 

You’ll all get the joke rather quickly in this two-and-a-half minute clip, which makes sitting through the whole thing a bit tedious. But thankfully, the parties behind this “Agency Pronunciation Guide,” RKCR/Y&R creative Rob Donaldson and copywriter Joe Dennett, offer timestamp links in the YouTube description that let you skip around to find out how to “properly” utter names like DDB, AKQA, Droga5 and Wieden+Kennedy.  Most of the familiar names are in the mix, but this is apparently only volume one, so we imagine there are plenty more ready to be butchered. By that time, though, the comedic effect will have probably worn thin. Who knows, but it’s a nice afternoon diversion.

(By the way, h/t to Steve Hall for revealing the guide creators’ names as Donaldson and Dennett sent this to us earlier via anonymous tips box. Cheeky bastards.)


Update: Sorry, gang, just jumped gun on this one, but here’s some clarification from someone who would only refer to themselves as “AP” (once again, through anonymous tips, damn you). At least he/she had the humility to admit to being a “cheeky bastard.”

“I would like to make it clear that I am not either Rob or Joe and I am not associated with them or RKCR/Y&R. I posted the tip to you, and not those guys – so they’re not that cheeky nor bastards 🙂 I am.

I just made this for fun and isn’t from any agency. It was just something that I thought would make people smile and my friends and I enjoyed making.

For some reason these guys are being posted as the creators of the video, which they are not. They’ve done an amazing taxonomy of agency infographic that was posted along with my video on Adrants, so I can see the confusion.”