Impact BBDO Dubai Gives Moms Back Their Names for UN Women

By Erik Oster 

Launched to coincide with the celebration of Mother’s Day in the Middle East (March 21st), Impact BBDO Dubai created a social media campaign for UN Women encouraging men and women in the region to replace their own profile pictures with the name of their mother and the hashtag #MyMothersNameIs.

The significance of the campaign is that in Egypt and many countries in the region, there is a taboo associated with disclosing your mother’s name, due to a fear of it becoming a source of shame and ridicule. Over time, a mother’s name is essentially lost, as she is referred to instead in reference to her eldest son. So Impact BBDO Dubai and UN Women created the “Give Mom Back Her Name” initiative as a small but important step toward gender equality. The initiative is outlined in the video above, which does a lot to show how deeply felt the taboo against disclosing your mother’s name is in Egypt. When those initially opposed to the idea do share their mother’s name, it is an emotional moment and the viewer understands the significance of the gesture.


“A woman’s name should never be associated with shame or embarrassment — this mother´s day, we are reclaiming that space and recognizing women for the incredible individuals they are, not only as the mother of her eldest son,” said UN Women Regional Director Mohammed Naciri, in a statement.


Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai

Executive Creative Director: Fadi Yaish

Art Director: Maged Nassar, Tameem Younes

Copywriter: Aunindo Sen

Graphic designer: Mohamed Said

Typographer: Mahmmad Al Mahdy

Production House: Bigfoot

Director: Maged Nassar, Tameem Younes

DOP: Ahmed Tahoun

Post Production: Lizard

Editor: Fadi Yaish