I’m Going to Vomit Green

By Matt Van Hoven 

And I’m not even kidding. Maybe it was Alain Robert‘s ridiculous stunt in the name of World Environmental Day. Just a note on that before I go on. I was watching New York 1 and realized the video being shown was from a helicopter, which was hovering gently above our fair city, not far from Robert’s locale. I wonder how much jet fuel was burned by the chopper…or by the no less than 10 emergency vehicles that came speeding to the scene.

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It’ll be all over the national media tonight, and reporters will do their stand-ups live in cities across the country in front of other buildings people have climbed &#151 having driven big TV trucks half way across the city.

OK maybe that’s stretching it a little, but hopefully you see my point. I’ll avoid the obvious, “No press is bad press” thing and go straight to “was this actually effective?”

Wow, ranted enough there.

But when I saw this ad (on adpulp) I immediately got agida. It had nothing to do with its quality, and everything to do with seeing so much green shit lately.

Old story, my ass. It’s snowballing and everyone that hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon is scrambling to do so. Do consumers respond to green? I do, but it’s usually got a president on the front of it. Eh hem, brands, giving away free shit is the best, will-always-work method to making people like you for no good reason.

Red Bull, anyone?