I’m back b*tches!!!

By OnDownLow 

Now I like to swear (one of the many few things I have in common with GP)…but certain rules are in place that say I cannot do it in the titles of stories… so hence the selective use of lame icons to take the place of letters…moving on…

So anyway, I sustained an injury that has made it difficult to type — hence the bloody disappearance — I’ll still be random for most of the next few weeks ducking in & out.

One-handed typing is not all that easy (despite what the women in your life might expect from guys — woo… a stereotypical male masturbation-while-typing one-handed zinger!)

Anyway, I had to come back for this — a little quiz for you all — at which I’ll answer at the end of the day.

I’d figure you’d all like to crank up the speculation machine and want to ponder and then guess at it first (and hopefully the lawyers don’t crawl up my ass in the meantime and make me keep in anonymous.) So it goes like this…

What struggling agency (and I do mean “can you hear the death rattle” kind of struggling) has the MD and the ECD apparently camping out every lunchtime to try and figure out how they can leave and start up their own shop?

Apparently it is quite common knowledge amongst “the worker bees” that these conversations are on-going — which has to make them feel secure as well, don’t you think? (Let the photo below be your sensei…)

Now, that being said, no one can picture the venture that they want to start will actually work because the term “incompetent” is commonly applied to both of them on a regular basis.

Apparently the “credit crunch” has them insecure — as they are unsure where they’ll get the funding to secure the start up of their new venture (apparently they are not as hooked up as P.J. Pereira — pity for them.)

Let your imagination fly kids… soar like a fucking eagle there…

Love always,