Ikea, Mother London and Roy Orbison Wish You All a Good Night’s Sleep at The Club

By Patrick Coffee 

London’s falling all around us, but all we want to do is dance until the European Union ends.

Ikea’s latest ad suggests that the hottest club on the West Side (or any other side, really) is located right smack in the middle of your own bed, cuddled up with a pup or human of your liking.

It comes to us courtesy of Mother London, director Juan Cabral of production company MJZ and the incomparable Roy Orbison.

Initially, this looks like either an activation for a challenger mattress brand or a replay of the far more somber Max Richter joint at SXSW last year. Apparently it all came from research finding that most people aren’t satisfied with the amount of sleep they get every night, which is hardly surprising.

The details are kind of fun: note the Cheerios cart and what looks like an alcohol-free bar serving herbal tea.

As much as we love Orbison, “Good Night” by the Beatles could have worked here too. But who can afford to pay those fees?


Agency: Mother London
Client: Ikea
Campaign: “The Nightclub”

Director: Juan Cabral
Production Company: MJZ
Production Company Producer: Alicia Richards
Production Company Production Manager: Amelia Hanbury
Line Producer: Julia Andren @ Tango Productions
Director of Photography: Tom Townend
Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic
Editing: Neil Smith at Work Editorial
Postproduction: Framestore
Post Supervision: Jordi Bares Dominguez
Postproduction Producer: Sophie Harrison
Colorist: Simon Bourne
Sound: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph
Music Supervision: Arnold Hattingh @ Theodore for In Dreams by Roy Orbison