If You’re in Cannes, Tweet This Tag: #cdbags, Head to Aosep.com

By Matt Van Hoven 

Thanks to the magic of the inter webs, you too can be in Cannes &#151 without having to deal with all the dbags. How, you ask? Easy! Head on over to Aosep.com, a little site built by our friends at Tribble.

Here’s how it works: folks attending the Cannes Lions festival will go to events, seminars, bars, strip clubs, bathrooms etc where they’ll overhear the adverati say stupid, ludicrous things. They will then Tweet those comments, using the hashtag #cdbags, and the rest of us will chortle with glee. Yeah, we can’t be there, but we can benefit from those who are! Things kick off Sunday, June 21.


Why aosep.com? We’ll spare you the SEO-related explanation. But if you want to read everything that’s being said using the #cdbags tag, you can do it there. Oh the fun we’ll have! I’ll remind you about it Monday.

Big thanks to Tribble Ad Agency for making the site possible. We’re tech averse, so without him this enjoyment would not be possible.

Note: The first three tweets you’ll see are fake. We had to test the site, so that’s that. This is the first announcement we’re making, so obviously there won’t be much aggregated so far.

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