If You Make a YouTube Video, You Could Get a Job* in This “Advertising” Business

By Matt Van Hoven 

According to this Web site, if you make a YouTube video where you say the words, “I deserve a big ad gig” you could get into the second round of the competition you unwittingly entered. And then on the anniversary of the day America was attacked by terrorists 8 finalists will be chosen during Advertising Week and they’ll be given a final test. And then during this live event later on the contestants will have 4 minutes to present their pitch.

And when it’s all over, a bunch of people will still be out of work and they’ll likely feel more marginalized than when the thing began and they were content vying for jobs in a sane way. I mean, is it really a success story to get a job when the interview process is really just a publicity stunt? Probably not, but Advertising Week will be great, won’t it? It…it’s going to be deserted.

Please, if you take up this mantle, make a better video than the one above. Maybe use irony or something.

The winner’s campaign “will be produced and run across multiple screens and Microsoft Advertising properties including gaming and mobile.” So really it’s like a big ad project, but “gig” is a more deceptive word because it hints at “real job”, making it a better fit for advertising all around (is that the irony?).

Companies behind this: Crispin, Ogilvy, Saatchi Wellness (yeah, I know), Atmosphere Proximity (recently merged!), something called Microsoft Advertising, the Times and the Ad Council. These soldiers of industry will judge your work.

* not really

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