Hyper Island Creatives Launch ‘One Hour Agency’

By Erik Oster 

One Hour Agency

Last year, Floyd Hayes launched the self-proclaimed “Fastest Agency in the World,” which sends out a creative pitch within 24 hours of briefing.  Well, now it seems someone has one-upped that idea, with the One Hour Agency.

That’s right, One Hour Agency, created by a couple of Hyper Island creatives, actually claims to “generate quality ideas” within the hour. More specifically, they “kick-off every briefing with one hour ideation sessions with [their] clients. This keeps energy high and injects some moxie into the process before going straight into a less energetic research phase.”

So what goes into that hour? After ten minutes of greetings and receiving the brief, One Hour Agency spends 10 minutes on evaluation, a half hour on ideation, and then 10 minutes on presentation. That’s pretty damn fast.

When asked if he thought his “Fastest Agency in the World” was the inspiration behind One Hour Agency, Floyd Hayes responded, “Ha. Perhaps.That makes me feel like a doddering old man.” He may need to think up a new name for the “Fastest Agency in the World” now, as it seems we have a new champion. Whether or not trying to deliver a creative pitch in an hour is a good idea, however, is an entirely different discussion, and one I’ll turn over to our readers.