Hungry Man Seeks the Help of Comedy Writers

By Michael Musco 

DraftFCB NY and Famous Group called upon writers and comedians Mike Holmes, Dan Bialek and Andrew Menendez, who have introduced three well-known historical figures – Davy Crockett, Genghis Khan and Leonardo DaVinci via YouTube (viewed above and after the jump) to perform as mascots for the Hungry Man brand while aiming to engage with consumers with witty banter through blogs and publications.

Holmes is a Chicago transplant from Iowa whose successful comedy career took off when he became a founding cast member of the Chicago Underground Comedy and also a cast member of comedy group, Blerds.

Bialek is a stand-up comedian and avid blogger of That Jerk Dan. Finally, Mr. Menendez is a writer as well as a Master’s candidate at the noted University of Southern California’s School of Communication at Annenberg. Check out the other clips after the jump.