Humble Champions ‘A Force For Good’

By Erik Oster 

Bicoastal content studio Humble launched a five-minute long anthem video for A Force For Good, “a new social movement inspired by the Dalai Lama and dedicated to transforming the world in practical and positive ways,” based on a new book by Daniel Goleman, entitled A Force For Good: The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World.

The lengthy spot combines four vignettes into a single message on the importance of compassion. Each vignette was directed by a different director or directorial team: “The Mother,” directed by Sasha Levinson; “Broken Jar,” directed by Humble executive creative director Sam Stephens and creative director Chris Mauch; “The Driver,” directed by Rudi Schwab; and “Plastic Beach,”  directed by Samuel + Gunnar. These vignettes never directly intersect, but rather follow similar arcs showing transformations caused by acts of compassion. Viewers who stick with the lengthy video will be glad to see a sense of completion brought to each story arc. Mechler Media also worked on content development for the campaign, with CrossBeatNY handling communications, website development and social media elements.

“This project really resonated deeply with everyone at Humble and it presented a great opportunity to bring together a variety of directors and teams to achieve an amazing final product,” explained Stephens. “It was a team effort in the truest sense of the word.”


“Everyone who ended up participating in this project – from our staffers to freelancers to talent and even to people we met on the street during filming – was so passionate about this message and excited to contribute their services to a great cause,” added Persis Koch, vice president and executive producer, Humble. “It was a really refreshing experience and shows the universal power of positivity and paying it forward.”


Anthem Video

Produced By: Humble
President / Executive Producer: Eric Berkowitz
Vice President / Executive Producer: Persis Koch
Executive Producer: Sam Stephens
Executive Producer: Andrea Theodore
Executive Creative Director: Sam Stephens
Creative Director: Chris Wolfgang Mauch
Writers: Sam Stephens, Chris Wolfgang Mauch, Sasha Levinson
“The Mother” Director: Sasha Levinson
“A Broken Jar” Directors: Sam Stephens, Chris Wolfgang Mauch
“The Driver” Director: Rudi Schwab
“Plastic Beach” Director: Samuel + Gunnar

New York Crew:
Head of Production: Elizabeth Durkee
Producer: Scott Gracheff
Producer: Chelsea Conklin
Production Coordinator: Audrey Crowell
1st AD: Jeffrey Lazar
1st AD: John M. Tyson
Director of Photography: Kate Arizmendi
Director of Photography: Rudi Schwab
Casting: Jodi Kipperman
Editor: Jane Keller
Assistant Editor: Vance Tucker
Assistant Editor: Julie Tarrab
Assistant Editor: Shelby Cotton
Music: Matt Nakoa
Music: Michael Hewett
Music: Samuel Kim
Audio and Mix Master: Joseph Miuccio @ Pure Sound
Color: Alex Bickel @ Color Collective

Iceland Crew:
Executive Producer: Jonbi Gudmundsson
Line Producer: Eidur Birgisson
Director of Photography: Elli Cassata
Casting: Iceland Casting
Production Company: Storveldid
Color: Alex Bickel @ Color Collective

End Card Design & Animation: Susan Armstrong
Behind The Scenes: Jason McConville

Campaign and Website Development

Head of Strategy: Becky Wang
Head of Technology: David Justus
Head of Production: Amber Wimmer
Community Manager: Jen Mozenter
Community Manager: Claire Schlissel
Partnership and Outreach: April Norris
Lead Developer: Geoff Roth
Creative Director: Katie Morgan
Designer: Juliana Ossa

Melcher Media
President and Chief Executive Officer: Charles Melcher
Chief Operating Officer: Bonnie Eldon
Senior Editor/Producer: Lauren Nathan
Associate Digital Producer: Shannon Fanuko

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks UK
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Orlando Wood
Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
Head of Production: Kate Taylor
Producer: Charlotte Woodhead
Director: Andreas Nilsson
DP: Stephen Keith Roach