Humanaut Wants to ‘Save the Bros’ for Organic Valley

By Erik Oster 

Speaking of protein, Chattanooga agency Humanaut created this mock PSA for Organic Valley, which claims to want to save bros from the garbage in their protein shakes.

The satirical tone is established early on, celebrating bros as “innovators” and “patriots” who “consume two thirds of our nation’s light beer and 100 percent of our Axe Body Spray,” before lamenting the fact that bros are in danger from the “scary chemicals and artificial ingredients” inside their protein shakes. If the trend continues, the spot laments, we could face a “total bro colony collapse.” Asking “What would happen to Las Vegas? Or the beaches of New Jersey?” the spot presents Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel as the solution. “Just tell a bro it has a ton of protein, and he’ll pound the shit out of it,” suggests an Organic Valley representative.


“Save The Bros” hits the satirical mark pretty dead-on, managing to make fun of bros and PSAs at the same time. The mock PSA format can be a pretty tired gag, but Humanaut pulls it off here by virtue of the ad actually being funny. And while they may have picked an easy target, they go after it in appealing, often hilarious, way. What’s not to like about seeing a bro doing yoga (broga?) or staring down an eggplant like he’s never seen one before (he hasn’t) as examples of the kind of life changes Organic Valley’s product can spark? By spreading the “Save the Bros” message Organic Valley also makes it clear that their Organic Fuel is a protein shake that someone other than bros actually might want to drink.


Client: Organic Valley
Product: Organic Fuel
Campaign: “Save the Bros”
Agency: Humanaut
Creative Adviser: Alex Bogusky
Creative Director: David Littlejohn
Associate Creative Director: Mike Cessario
Copywriter: David Littlejohn / Mike Cessario
Art Director: Stephanie Gelabert / Sean Davis
Production Company: Fancy Rhino, Chattanooga, TN
Director: Daniel Jacobs
Producer: Katie Nelson
Director Of Photography: Annie Huntington
Editor: Tyler Beasley
Production Designer: Chad Harris
Music Company: Skypunch Studios
Composer: Carl Cadwell