Human Beats AI CD in McCann Japan’s Creative Battle

By Erik Oster 

After introducing its A.I. CD early this spring, McCann Japan decided to bit the AI-CD β robotic creative director against its human counterpart, namely creative director Mitsuru Kuramoto, in a creative battle. Both were given the task of creating a spot for Mondelez Japan brand Clorets Mint Tab, communicating the brand message of “instant, long-lasting refreshment that lasts for 10 minutes” and then turning to a nationwide poll to declare the winner.

Well, after several months the results are in and it appears humanity has triumphed, for now. It seems safe to say our robot overlords will not be taking over the ad industry anytime soon. The results were perhaps a little too close for comfort, however, with Kuramoto winning 54 percent of the vote and his A.I. counterpart tallying 46 percent. 

As a refresher, here’s AI-CD β’s entry:

And Kuramoto’s winning spot:

“Honestly, it was a major blow,” Shun Matsuzaka, the McCann Japan creative planner who led the project to develop AI-CD β, said in a statement. “But I think the fact that an A.I.-made commercial lost only by such a small margin against one made by today’s leading creative mind is in itself a coup. We hope to further develop AI-CD β so that it can continue contributing to our clients’ businesses.”


Kuramoto expressed a desire to work together with AI-CD β in the future, saying, “It was very exciting to be given the opportunity to battle it out with AI-CD β. Next time, I hope to collaborate with AI-CD β so that we can create something together! Thanks for the great match!”