Huge Reduces Staff Across U.S. Offices While ‘Evolving’ Its Workforce

By Patrick Coffee 

Today Huge went through a series of what we believe to be relatively small staffing reductions across several U.S. offices.

We’ve been hearing some rumblings about potential layoffs for about a month, and an agency spokesperson provided the following statement:

Over the course of the year we have been proactively evolving our workforce to reflect the changing needs of our clients. As part of this evolution we have also identified a number of roles where there is less demand for agency support. We made the difficult decision to reduce staff in those areas this week and are doing everything we can to support the people affected by this decision.


The rep declined to elaborate and we don’t have specific numbers, but other parties tell us that the reductions affected around 5-10 staffers per location (with some variation) for a total in the mid-two digits.

According to several parties who reached out to us, these reductions do not come from any specific account losses but, rather, due to an internal audit of sorts. Over the past year or so, the agency has been identifying roles that were no longer as essential as before, whether due to decreased demand or clients moving those responsibilities in-house.

We also have reason to believe that Huge will soon announce multiple significant new business wins despite this shift. More news to come.