HUGE Has Yet to Respond to McGlynn Mess

By Kiran Aditham 

Our tips box was lit up from 7pm onwards last night with a link to a candid Tumblr post from one Nick McGlynn, who was supposed to start at IPG-owned, Brooklyn-based digital shop HUGE yesterday, but the agency apparently had second thoughts and rescinded the offer. From the looks of his post, it appears that there have may have been a conflict of interest–having a “popular” blog (we guess they’re referring to–that worried the folks at HUGE, who believed McGlynn could reveal confidential secrets about them through his other outlets. So, is HUGE being rational or just paranoid?

Anyhow, McGlynn, who was supposed to start a paid IT internship that would eventually lead to a full-time position in two months, tells us, “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give me a chance. Maybe they have PreCogs or something.” To be fair, of course, we immediately contacted HUGE, which has yet to offer a comment on the matter. But a Twitter trail might reveal why. See below:


We’ll of course post any and all updates if and when HUGE ever replies. Meanwhile, we sincerely wish you good luck on the job hunt, Nick.

Update: See comment from HUGE below.