Hudson Rouge, Matthew McConaughey Return for Lincoln MKZ

By Erik Oster 

Team Detroit’s Hudson Rouge once again teamed up with Matthew McConaughey for a pair of new ads for the Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

The ads, of course, follow on the heels of a handful of infamous spots for Lincoln’s MKC starring McConaughey that garnered the brand quite a bit of attention, including parodies from Jim Carrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Lincoln executives were pleased, however, telling Automotive News that, even though some of the parodies were unflattering, they were sill great publicity. Lincoln dealers claim the campaign is “bringing in new customers and breaking down the brand’s stodgy image” and the numbers seem to offer some corroboration, with Lincoln’s sales figures up 15 percent in 2014 through November thanks largely to the MKC.


In the 30-second spot for the MKZ, entitled “Diner” (featured above), McConaughey promotes the vehicle while barely saying a word. The ad sees the actor waiting patiently in a diner during a storm. When the rain stops, he exits for his MKZ, pressing the button to open the moon roof — which, it is implied, is the whole reason he was waiting in the diner in the first place. A second ad (featured after the jump), promoting the hybrid version of the vehicle is a closer descendent from the previous, seeing McConaughey wax philosophical about “balance” and how it’s “not about hugging trees” but finding that “sweet spot” in which “taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself.” Detractors of the style will find more to complain about here, but we expect the ads will continue to garner attention for the brand (although not as much as the first time around), even if it’s not always of the most flattering variety.