HSBC Feels Our Pain About Bottled Water

By Matt Van Hoven 

We were walking through a brisk Manhattan this weekend when we stumbled upon the above bus shelter ad, which we hadn’t seen before (so if it ain’t new, we apologize). Anyway, we wonder if HSBC’s agency folks read our tirade on bottled water from last week. We like to think so.

In case you’re RSSing or something, the ad shows three identical unlabeled bottles of water, each with its own tag line. They read, “healthy” “fashionable” and “wasteful” respectively.

Wasteful? Yes! Healthy/fashionable, no friggin’ way. As we reported last week, bottled water isn’t necessarily any healthier than tap, and though we should probably seek out professional trend advice from someone, we think it’s pretty lame to consider a piece of plastic containing half water, half saliva, half contaminants “fashionable”. Here’s to BPA free Nalgenes baby. There’s one on my desk, right meow.

Rehashing much? Yes! And for good reason &#151 unless you live somewhere that doesn’t have access to clean water (or you’re muy hungover and not in reach of a drinking fountain) there’s little excuse for spending 19 times the cost of tap water while simultaneously producing waste that will end up in that big trash vortex in the ocean we keep hearing about. End rant.

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