HP Joins ‘Tron: Legacy’ Bandwagon with Impressive Results

By Bob Marshall 

With Disney’s Tron: Legacy hitting theaters next week, it suddenly feels like 1982 all over again. Computers, guys! They are just so cool. What, defending Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges is reprising his role from the first movie? Well, this might have to be seen to be believed.

Regardless of the plot’s quality (probably poor), this movie’s actual legacy will be determined by whether or not Disney can still deliver an otherworldly visual experience on the big screen without the help of its routinely more creative subsidiary (Pixar). With reclusive French house superstars Daft Punk and technology heavyweights Hewlett-Packard blowing up the film’s already larger than life promotional campaign, Tron: Legacy has already been a memorable experience for many before its theatrical release.

For this full-projection mapping sequence, HP ePrint joined with creative agency Guided Collective on London’s Southbank during late November/ early December in order to hype the film. By the way, this projection is pretty big, and it required 6x18k projectors to look this sharp. However impressive this is (and how much it makes us want a proper new Daft Punk album), we tend to side with the folks at Illegal Advertising and wish it didn’t take a giant blockbuster to inspire HP to produce content like this.