How Many Selfies Can You Handle?

By Erik Oster 

Swedish digital studio Humblebee has made their own contribution to the selfie mass hysteria,

The site is a real-time display of selfies on Instagram, which surely fulfills the fantasies of a lonely Internet creeper somewhere. There’s a counter near the bottom of the screen, ticking away with each selfie that breezes past, and buttons to share on Twitter or Facebook how many you were able to make it through. I don’t have such a high tolerance for selfies, let alone a barrage of stranger selfies, so I barely made it past 100. If it were cat pics I could have lasted all day. We’re not sure if this site is meant to celebrate the selfie, or point out its overuse, but it certainly succeeds at the latter. Let us know how many selfies you can handle in the comments section, and stick around for credits after the jump. Credits:

Creative & Producer: Jonas Jonsander
Art Director: Dan Sörensen
Front-end: Andreas Lorentsson
Back-end: Calle Högberg