How Do You Say ‘Green’ in Dolphin?

By Jordan Teicher 

Humans have a burning desire to verbally communicate with dolphins, especially when it comes to ad folk. First it was Megan Fox, Acer marine biologist, taking a scientific approach to dolphinspeak, and now we have a Dolphin Translator app from Green Works, the eco-friendly arm of Clorox, essentially creating the digital version of the Oxford English/Dolphin Dictionary. Created by Omnicom-owned Critical Mass, the dolphin-themed approach weaves its way into a campaign meant to help consumers avoid getting lost in translation when it comes to environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

As you’ll see on the Green Works website, you can type just about anything (up to 120 characters) into the translator to hear the dolphin version. What you do with the cute, squeaky response is up to you, unless you are already fluent in Flipper. Odds are, the dolphin noises will just sound like, well, dolphin noises: indistinguishable and vaguely babyish. But, if you’ve ever been curious how a dolphin would say tomato, then this is the app for you.


Credits and a behind-the-scenes video after the jump.

Jared Folkmann – Planning Director

Christiaan Welzel – Associate Creative Director

Ashli Worden – Account Director

Andrew Lavery – Sr Art Director

Scott Malo – Sr Motion Designer

Nik Mihaylov – Sr Designer

Alan Obando – Motion Designer

Kathryn Whiteside – Sr Designer

Stefan Smith – Copywriter

Grace McCalmon – Copywriter

Scott Goetz – Developer

Scott Ingalls – Technology Director

Tamer Elgamal – Technology Lead

Warren Fallwell – Experience Architect

Amanda Burgess – Project Manager

Thierry Marques – Program Director


Production Company: 21 St Films

Additional Production: The Hangar Interactive