How Do You Keep The Talent In The House?

By SuperSpy 

Everyone is talking about the talent drain in the advertising industry. While it may happen that New York gets a boost via ex-Wall Streeters, the talent pool, according to hiring managers, is running dry. One of the main complaints is that folks don’t stick around. Creative directors run off to start product lines. Producers jump ship to run event marketing companies, etc and etc.

Martin Sorrell has some theories on how to keep top talent, which centers around training. Of course, he’s talking about a global enterprise. Still, in the video above he says that WPP invests 8 billion dollars in people. “The shattering fact is the supply of talent is going to be restrained.”


So, what to do? As a hiring manager, what are you doing to keep the talent happy and productive? How does your shop keep or repel you? Is it the money or the culture that burns out talent in the biz?

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