How Breyers Listened To Social Media Chatter for Product Inspiration

By Larissa Faw 

The social media chattering class has spoken. 

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a massive spike in ice cream sales, but along with this increased consumption came social media conservation over their favorite scoops, or lack thereof. In fact, more than 6,000 people have expressed their thoughts about wanting more cookie pieces in their ice cream over the past few months, while one billion have explored Google searches for “cookie and creme.” 

Breyers was listening. The company says social media is one of the most important ways it develops new products, sparking the company to rework its own Cookies & Cream ice cream to now include 20% more cookies.


As part of the product recipe relaunch, Breyers is launching a cutesy campaign on Monday’s National Insurance Awareness Day to guarantee buyers are satisfied with the improved dessert treat or they will receive a $2-off coupon for their next purchase.

Fans sign up at through July 21 to receive both an instant 50% offer as well as an official insurance certificate. Claims can be redeemed through August 31.

Since this product was born on social media, the campaign leverages these platforms for buzz and awareness. The campaign will debut a Snapchat national lens takeover starting Monday, June 28th for fans to weigh in with their opinions. In addition to sharing the spot across our social channels, the work’s official insurance spokes-animal, Cookie the Cow, will take over the Breyers Twitter Account on Monday, fresh off the Cow being “endorsed” by the GEICO Gecko on social media. However, while Breyer’s has a quote of approval by the insurance spokes-lizard, there is not an “official partnership” between the two companies. Instead, Geico’s participation serves as a whimsical animal alliance to elicit buzz for the new ice cream.

This work was a multi-team effort. Edelman acted in partnership with the Breyers, Mindshare, and U Studio teams to create the campaign from ideation to execution. Edelman collaborated with with production shop Versus to develop all components of the creative assets including a :38 second spot for earned and :15 and :16 second assets for paid integrations.