Horror Channel Really Wants to Give You Nightmares

By Erik Oster 

Been sleeping a little too well lately? Wish you could have some creepy nightmares instead of your usual, boring Angela Lansbury sex dreams? Horror Channel UK would like to help you out with that. They worked with Hamburg-based, BBDO Worldwide agency Interone to create “Night Terror,” a mobile app designed to give you nightmares.

Based on research showing that “the things we hear before we go to sleep and during the R.E.M phase affects our dreams,” the free app allows the user to choose from a list of horror stories, then place the phone next to their pillow and listen to the story as they fall asleep. When the phone detects that the user is in the R.E.M. phase of sleep (I’m not clear on how the app does this), “subtle story-related sound effects play to the subconscious,” presumably directing a nightmare in the user. Upon waking, the user can review his or her sleep cycle statistics, and share their experience across social media.

The app contains original stories as well as stories based on upcoming Horror Channel programming, so users of “Night Terror” can actually get a preview of future Horror Channel programming while asleep. The official launch date for “Night Terror” is scheduled for Feb. 28, at which time it will be available for free in both iPhone and Android formats. Credits after the jump.Credits:Agency: Interone, Germany

CCO: Michael Ohanian

Creative Managing Director: Matthias Schäfer

ECD: Roy Cohen

CD: Gregor Myszor

Design: Gregor Myszor, Alex Brieschenk, Marian Cizmarik, Pedro Americo

Copywriting: Elvira Sipos, Christoph Pfeffer, Lillian Prigge, Adzoa Tsekpo

Account managing: Theresa Roth, Simon Heydecker

Programming: Thomas Fink, David Moldenhauer

Concepting: Jörg Radehaus, Gregor Myszor

Production company: NHB, Hamburg

Client: Horror Channel UK

Producer: Andrew Viall

PR: Melissa Goss

Copywriting: K. R. Griffiths

Sound Design: Michael Pacheco, Mark Duckett

VO: Mark Arnold