Hornitos Tequila Says Choose Your Shots Carefully

By Ella Riley-Adams 

As the actors speak their lines in this ad for Hornito’s Tequila from La Comunidad Miami, all I hear is “Blah blah blah. Blah blah.” There must have been some problem with the bar bathroom that day, because every man on set looks like he’s experiencing the demi-anguish of needing to pee. “Tequila shots, please,” the bearded one says with a wince. “Which tequila?” The bartender responds, equally awkward. “Doesn’t matter, any tequila,” beard says. Then we’re whisked through various situations in which one would never say, “Doesn’t matter…”

“Doesn’t matter, any haircut,” leaves the men with patchy heads. “Doesn’t matter, any tattoo,” renders one with cat whiskers and another with a tea cup forehead tat. We get it: direction is important in life, why leave your tequila choice up to someone else?


I’m all for the promotion of quality, but in this case, it seems a bit off-track. If Hornitos is “not just any tequila,” then it shouldn’t be just a shot. A good tequila shot will come with salt, lime, and a set of fun friends. Branding and, frankly, taste, doesn’t matter. Hornitos would be better off promoting adventure, a theme they’ve already begun with their tagline: Grab Life by the Hornitos.