Honda’s ‘The Reveal’ Documents Project Drive-In’s Success, as Four More Theaters Are Saved

By Erik Oster 

Around seven weeks ago Honda launched Project Drive-In, a charity to raise money to buy drive-in theaters digital projectors as 35mm film distribution comes to an end. Project Drive-In lets you vote on which theaters you’d like to see saved, and has included an online Twitter and Vine auction, in addition to their normal crowdfunding at Indiegogo.

Yesterday, Honda released an emotionally charged video documenting the project’s successes so far. Called “The Reveal,” it documents the tear-filled reactions of drive-in owners when they are told that they’ve been awarded a new digital projector from project drive-in.

But Honda isn’t content to just document past successes. Project Drive-In has awarded new digital projectors to four more theaters: Monetta Drive-In (Monetta, South Carolina), Ocala Drive-In (Ocala, Florida), Starlite Drive-In (Cadet, Missouri), and Stateline Drive-In (Elizabethton, Tennessee). The winning theaters were determined by more than 2.6 million votes at These latest additions drive the total number of drive-ins saved to nine, four more than Project Drive-In’s original goal of five. All nine of these theaters will host a celebration that includes a special screening of shameless cash-in sequel Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

The Project Drive-In Indiegogo campaign will continue until the end of the year in the hopes of saving more theaters by allowing them to make the leap to digital conversion. You can help save a drive-in near you at the Project Drive-In Indiegogo page, where they’re also selling a 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite.