Honda, RPA Launch ‘Start Something Special’ Campaign at Really Irish Wedding

By Erik Oster 

Honda and RPA launched their “Start Something Special” social media campaign with what is probably the cutest thing you’ll see on AgencySpy this week (and definitely the most Irish).

Honda-loyal couple (together their families have owned over 20 Hondas) Mairead and Kevin asked their local Honda dealer to loan them three CR-Vs for their wedding reception. But Honda had much bigger plans.


The spot opens with Mairead talking about how she and Kevin first met (in science class, how cute) and explaining her family’s history of loyalty to Honda. We then see Honda preparing to surprise the couple. When they emerge from the church, they see eight black CR-Vs drive up to meet them. The (very, very Irish) band they saw on their first date emerges from one of the vehicles to serenade them. In some of the other CR-Vs are Irish step dancers and $2,000 from Macy’s gift registry. Then the couple is presented with digital messages from relatives in Ireland, who give their best wishes and lament that they couldn’t be there. The surprise is that Honda actually flew these relatives in for the wedding, and the couple looks ecstatic when they show up. It’s all very cute. If you’re a susceptible individual you may even tear up a little bit. If you can’t take a little bit of sentimentality, this is definitely not for you.

Honda introduced the “Start Something Special” tagline throughout the brand’s advertising in August. To socialize the new tag, they are inviting viewers to share their stories with the #StartSomething hashtag. This conversation will take place across “Honda’s social platforms, including FacebookGoogle+, Instagram, TumblrTwitter and Vine, where fans will be encouraged to share their stories with Honda.” These stories will be collected and shared at

Honda is also launching a new TV campaign, starting with “Thank You,” a new spot featuring photos and videos of Honda fans and families showing their appreciation for the brand. The spot debuts tomorrow and will air on the NHL Network and during NFL games. You can check it out after the jump.