Holiday News

By SuperSpy 

Welcome back from the holiday! Let’s get started…
P.S. If you’re in the office right now and you don’t own the company, it’s best you back away slowly from your desk and reconsider your priorities.

– The Federal Trade Commission’s new online ad guidelines make the industry breathe a collective sigh of relief. READ MORE HERE


– Online advertising for the first nine months of 2007 was up 15.9 percent, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus’s latest figures. While still the leading gainer compared to other media. READ MORE HERE

– General Motors Corp., with sales declining and dealers grumbling, will relinquish almost all control of nearly $500 million in regional advertising. READ MORE HERE

– Facing unimpressive pre-Christmas sales, retailers are rolling out after-Christmas discounts to help salvage the season. READ MORE HERE

– and Eharmony are gearing up for a values based advertising fight. READ MORE HERE