H&M, Wes Anderson and adam&eveDDB Went All in on the Twee This Christmas

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you enjoy your long weekend? Was Fantastic Beasts a bit less charming than you’d hoped?

Don’t fret, gentle souls: your favorite “quirky” pseudo-European director Wes Anderson has teamed up with adam&eveDDB and Iconic Nose actor Adrien Brody to promote H&M’s new holiday line.

There will be trains, unbelievably adorable children, fetishistic set designs and music by former Beatles.


Whether you think this is a good thing depends on your personal tastes, though we find it more endearing than the recent Kevin Hart/David Beckham duo that no one asked for.

The extended spot also makes for an understated way to showcase the clothes, which H&M creative/design director Pernilla Wohlfahrt calls “relaxed” and “wearable” in the press release. We would have mistaken it all for standard costumes, really.

Brody himself had this to say: “This story may resonate more than ever at a time in the world where we could all do with giving a stranger a hug.”

Whatever could he mean?