History Lesson: Heineken, Da Frog, W+K and Lowe

By SuperSpy 

As you know, Heineken has shirked off The Boys Club in lieu of Wieden and Kennedy. Here’s a little more background for you:

StrawberryFrog won the global Heineken account away from W+K 3 years ago. At that time, the US account was run separately out of Publicis. Da Frog was using the global line of “Meet you there”, which was a tag line that had been written by W+K, but the shop was asked to execute ads with it across 155 countries.

Fast forward three years… Heineken called another pitch session because Da Frog had complained again and again that the tag line sucked. Which, well it does. When the pitch came up, Da Frog got their chance to present a new strategy. Their positioning strategy for Heinèken was as the worlds most international beer. And the tag line was “Cheers world!” Alas… the account was taken away from StrawberryFrog and given to Frank Lowe and the line was never implemented.

Can’t wait to see what the smarty farty kids at W+K come up with this year. And by the way, what’s with brands double-dipping with agencies? It’s like when you break up with some one. Why go back to that person? Hell, you broke up for a reason, remember?