Hey Forrester, Nobody Cares

By Matt Van Hoven 

I came across the results of Forrester Research’s latest internal survey today and laughed &#151 because I can’t imagine who would read it and actually care. Not to say that there isn’t someone out there, but hey it’s Forrester Research. The post is a bit old and I’m mot sure how no one else has passed it on. Rather than describe the results of the research group’s latest internal survey, I’ve posted below how I’d respond to the questions they asked and answered.

1. Overall what did we find?


From Jennifer Joseph: “We had 211 respondents from the four marketing analyst blogs: Web-strategist by Jeremiah Owyang, The Interactive Marketing Blog, Goundswell by Josh and Charlene, and Being Peter Kim. Overall, these respondetns like the volume and quality of content and are looking for more case studies.”

AS: Hmm, only 211 people. Great research guys…

2. What did we learn about this blog specifically?

From JJ: “Despite scoring the lowest in quality of the four blogs, 78% of Interactive Marketing Blog respondents rated this blog as excellent or above average. IM blog respondents are most interested in industry forecasts and predictions. And readers would also like to see more slide decks and video used on the blog.”

AS: The first line says it all.

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3. What do we plan to do with this feedback?

From JJ: We’re using your input in two primary capacities &#151 1) To refine these blogs and keep them relevant for you while also aiding in our own research; 2) To help us evaluate how blogs can best be used by other Forrester Research teams. We’ll keep you posted on what changes or improvements we launch based on your feedback.

AS: Yeah keep it up, and we’ll keep on…truckin…away..far, far away.