Hey Boston Market, We Noticed…

By Matt Van Hoven 

Watch the dude on the left, aka James, as he rambles off his part of the Boston Market deal. His voice says, “Boston Market has these five new meal size deals for $4.99…” But if you watch his mouth, it says $5.99. Busted!

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Yeah, this is common. But it’s kinda like reusing toilet paper…somehow. OK, the economy sucks, and BM (heh) probably dropped their prices by a buck to accommodate (or to entice people that weren’t convinced by the $5.99 version of this spot). Whatev.

Obviously, BM didn’t want to pay the douche-twins to do 35 more takes. Or is it one dude and a green screen? Who cares. Either way, their gag is bullshit, Boston Market still sucks, and we’re glad to have caught them being cheap.

We can’t be sure how long the spott has been running (so if you noticed it like 2 months ago, good for you), but the douche-twins have been in the campaign for awhile (according to YouTube, this particular spot has been running since July 15 of this year).

Who the hell thought putting Boston and chicken together was a good idea? We go to Boston for the crazy accents, awesome baseball, intense drinking, and really confusing roads. Chicken? Boston? That’s like visiting the Arctic for their hot springs.