Here’s Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Laaaaaaaaa la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaa. Springeth has arrived, eth! Huzzah and good day. Haroo and hoo-ray. Cha, chuh cha, chuh cha. That was me singing from the mountain tops, expressing the glory of this day. Unless you’re at one of those unfortunate Minneapolis agencies where snow is the main thing that’s happening. Seriously, someone send them some Diageo products. And the good stuff, none of that rail crap. Since they’re stuck inside today, we’ve done our best to keep spirits high with the week’s best videos. Hope you’ll agree! Let’s go.

5. The world of Russia is foreign to many, a land known most for its inability to pick a good government and generally being grumpy, shows us its softer side with this collection of dash-cam goodness. Dash-cams, for the uninitiated, are dashboard mounted video cameras that Russians just love to run all the time like they’re on Cops. Natch, some good things get picked up, and while usually we find epic crashes here we get something fresh – random acts of kindness. At “301+” this video is probably getting blown up right now. Expect to see this one on the Today Show.


4. Jimmy Fallon + Zach Gali…gal iii…fa… Anyway they’re really just having a good time in this one and then BAM, Olive Garden gets a shout out. A puny 3,100 have enjoyed this one, but Olive Garden kids better get on this one. I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me? Yes, yes I could.

3. On the ISS, people have to pee and poop. C’mon people it’s space, not first grade. Anyway they have to do something about all that shit and piss, right? Well turns out they recycle a shit ton of it (pun, intended) and then drink it as water later on. Best part? It’s purer than on earth. What the shit is that about? This is the best ad for being an astronaut ever because it involves feces, which 276,215 ppl agree with.

2. Wherein The Walking Dead gets the BadLipReading treatment. No way to splain. 293,134.

1. Moms, amiright? They have a hard time keeping up with the faster paced things in our digital world, but they always remember your birthday and where you left things back home like your high school year book that no one signed. Thanks for the reminder, mom. Here, a guy had his mom watch The Matrix and then ‘esplain it. He animated the result and well it’s pretty much what the internet was made for. 2,740, 803.