Here’s Where Nail Communications Makes the Magic Happen

By Patrick Coffee 

The good people at Rhode Island’s Nail Communications–who have worked with such clients as Stonyfield, New Balance and have some interesting ideas about the viability of pre-roll ads–go out of their way to help encourage a bit of creativity among their staff.

As CD/founder Brian Gross and creative partner Alec Beckett put it, their goal is to “keep evolving our creative process.” And where does that magic happen?

In the shower, of course.

This is both a joke video and the product of a real story about the agency.


Nail, we’re told, has been expanding thanks to its success on Stonyfield and other accounts. The shower had been an office fixture for employees who use a nearby gym and prefer not to work while covered in sweat. The agency was mostly ignoring the space, though–so they decided to make a funny video before sending it back to the construction company that brought it to life.

Kinda like all those extra cubicles in the Saatchi & Saatchi New York office.

Sadly, the facility itself is now kaput, so employees will have to do the unthinkable: use the communal gym shower.