Here’s The Video G2 Doesn’t Want You to See

By Matt Van Hoven 

We got an email from YouTube/Google this morning in response to our counter-claim, in which we say we didn’t infringe G2 Direct & Digital’s alleged Copyright on the above video. Unfortunately, they don’t care about Fair Use because they don’t have to. Their service, their rules. Fortunately, Viddler, Vimeo, Brightcove and a bevvy of other sites haven’t banned us yet. We have accounts with all of them, each happily waiting to receive more videos.

Basically, Google won’t be giving us the account back. But whatever, don’t get mad, get a video account on another server! Today we begin with Viddler, which will probably also take the video down. However, it’ll take at least a day. Then we’ll go to Vimeo, Brightcove and so on. If G2 keeps fighting it, we’ll keep talking about it. And talking about it, and talking about it, until Pete knows when. Sorry if this is boring you, oh kind readers, but we’re not about to let an agency dictate how and what we can show, even if it means we have to convince Mediabistro to develop an in-house player. Gawker did it, and now they live happily ever after.


See Google’s unfun email, after the jump. You don’t need to though, so go about your business.

Update: ARRRRG! The legal team has reconvened and says our “copy of a copy” breaks the rules. Well poop, fun’s over kids, but hey &#151 when it comes down to it we play by the rules. Sorry for ruining your dreams &#151 trust us, ours are also crushed. We tried to be bold, we tried to do you right, and in the end this is where we ended up. Still alive!

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