Here’s Some Mac and Cheese and a Nondenominational Prayer App to Solve Your Thanksgiving Problems

By Patrick Coffee 

As we all prepare for a Thanksgiving with our respective relatives or in-laws in which no one discusses the recent midterm elections, we have to ask the most important question: what are those kinda famous folks at Cornett in Kentucky up to?

But first, Leo Burnett and Kraft have the solution to all your Turkey Day problems–namely that kid who won’t eat anything that’s not made of corn, flour, sugar, salt and artificial coloring (or some combination thereof).

All can agree that marshmallow yams are gross, and 75 percent of families apparently have a picky eater at home. We would say that’s the kind of data that Marcel is famous for, but it came from a client study.

Now back to those folks down south, who you may recall for their assorted stunts throughout the years such as “Beardvertising,” “Kentucky Kicks Ass,” and the world’s longest hashtag.


They’ve created an amusing and real app inspired by the classic “you pay” bottle openers that double as spinners to name the unlucky soul stuck with the bill.

In this case, the app helps you determine who has to say the Thanksgiving prayer, because you know how seriously some people take this.

Yes, it’s real. Here it is on the Google Play store, complete with #hashtags.

Now we need an app to help us explain to our teenage atheist awakening to the in-laws.