Here’s More on Bogusky’s ‘Return’ to Advertising

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, we had a feeling he still had one foot in the door considering that spies were hinting about this as far back as late April (and we were told by those in the know on the 26th of said month that it was “100% not true”). Anyhow, by now, many of you have probably heard that the man, the myth, the earth-saving bike-sharer known as Alex Bogusky is kinda sorta making a return to advertising. We’ve been told that Bogusky officially signed on July 2 to serve as an investor and creative advisor for Made Movement, a shop formed by fellow CP+B alums to support “a resurgence in American manufacturing.”

In a statement, Bogusky says, “I know these guys are the best in the business and I would pretty much invest in any agency they are a part of. But when they told me the idea, it was a really perfect fit.” The folks at Made, which was founded by Dave Schiff, Scott Prindle and John Kieselhorst, have not only welcomed their old pal Bogusky aboard, but have launched the Made Collection, which includes American-made goods that you can shop for on a flash-sale website (teaser above).


Regarding Bogusky’s arrival, Schiff, who serves as partner/CCO, adds, “To say Alex is an asset is understating it. He’s a guy with the uncanny ability to peek around corners and see what’s coming next. He’s a compass for where we’re headed, a barometer for the quality of our work and an impassioned co-conspirator in our enterprise. More than that, he’s a friend.”