Here’s CP+B’s First Infiniti Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

As we all know, the race to win the Infiniti business was one of last year’s biggest stories in adland: who would succeed TBWA, which held the account for more than 15 years?

The answer, as sources told us again and again and again, was CP+B…but the client did an even poorer job of sharing the news than Sprint did with Deutsch LA’s win. We first confirmed that TBWA would lose the business in July and didn’t hear from Infiniti until the end of October.

After all that speculation and all those anonymous tips, we now have the first work for the client, as shared by JSM Music on its Facebook page.

We don’t have much in the way of information for the ad beyond the fact that it was directed by Jeff Zwart (who recently helmed this Southwest Airlines ad for GSD&M). For context, here’s TBWA’s ad for the same car, complete with a very exhaustive analysis via Jalopnik:

Now here’s the new one.