Here’s a Social Media Campaign for Fruitwater Starring Murder Suspect Christina Applegate

By Bob Marshall 

Glaceau has a new product, fruitwater, that is most likely 0-calorie sparkling fruit-flavored water. I can’t tell from this spot, but that’s my guess. Sounds like just the thing a rich  woman would use to cut her vodka, doesn’t it? It’s great that there’s definitely a customer base for this new product.

To push fruitwater onto said rich women is one of their own, Christina Applegate, best known for playing Kelly Bundy on Married… with Children and jumping ship before her NBC show, Up All Night, was canceled. According to Wikipedia, her mom also used to have a thing with Stephen Stills, so that’s something.


In order to grow fruitwater’s 4,000 or so Twitter followers to a substantial enough number to convince some brand reps that their social media is “working,” consumers are being encouraged to confess crimes and say mean things via the #sparklingtruth hashtag for a campaign from L.A.-based agency Zambezi. If your truth is good enough, fruitwater will give you a personal assistant for a week. But, of course, the only way you could know that is if you start following the account or, like me, you were sent a press release describing the contest. You gotta work for information on the incentive, you know? Credits after the jump.


Creative Agency: Zambezi

Founder/Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford

Founder/Managing Director: Chris Raih

Creative Director: Madeleine Grandbois

Art Director: Kristen Mann

Senior Copywriter: Chelsea Dubois

Junior Copywriter: Christy Lin

Director of Account Services: Pete Brown

Communications Director: Nicole Bush

Assistant Account Executive: Amanda Tutora

Designer: Tanja Caduff

Executive Producer: Alex Cohn

Producer: Carolyn Lu

Editor: Paul Oh

Director of Digital:

Pete Mertz

Senior Digital Strategist: Poppy Thorpe

Senior Digital Producer: Alvaro Chacon

Production Supervisor:

Haleh Shoa

Production Company: Pretty Bird

Director: Matt Piedmont

Co-Founder/Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff

Executive Producer: Ali Brown

Head of Production: Tracy Hauser

Line Producer: Nate Young

Director of Photography: Giles Dunning